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Financial independence is what all Financial Advisors envision when they first embark on their career, but disingenuous companies filled with unrealistic expectations and broken promises always seem to get in the way of that vision.

Our proprietary Federal Employee “Encore” Roth IRA program was created for  Financial Advisors who are looking for the opportunity to excel, without any limits placed on their success!

Imagine what you could do with 100 pre-qualified federal employee leads every month, coupled with a Proprietary Roth IRA product to offer those leads,  that provides both significant cash appreciation, with the added benefit of a life insurance component.

 Federal Employee Advocates conducts Financial Planning Webinars where over 10,000 federal employees register to attend. Those Registrants are the leads we assign to the Advisors who participate in the Encore Program.

The best part of our program is that all sales are made remotely. We have been doing business that way since 2001. You will never have to see a prospect face-to-face!

Our sales methodology is linear, and relies on our FR 80 Calculator to do all the selling!