First Email to a Webinar Lead

Recommended Subject Line: I Look Forward To Our Call Next Week

Copy and paste the text below.

Hello Karen,

Last Monday Jenni Eisenhardt  from Federal Employee Advocates  sent you an email regarding several of the free services they make available to  federal employees who have registered for one of their complimentary TSP “Fund Allocation Guidance” Webinars. My records indicate that you registered for their (Webinar Date ie April 22nd Webinar).

My personal favorite free resource is their online “FR 80”  calculator, which is totally unique from anything you have ever seen, because it can project what the four sources of your federal retirement income will be at various critical stages of your retirement and can detect any shortfalls you might face along the way.

Please email me a good date and time next week for me to call you, as well as the best phone number you can be reached at, so I can show you how to use the “FR 80” calculator effectively, and tell you about the other free services Federal Employee Advocates offers federal employees. This will be 15 minutes well spent!


John Q. Advisor