Product Overview

                          Encore Roth IRA With Two “Funding Components”

Modified Whole Life Sold in Conjunction with a Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity (FPDA)

We Recommend initially dedicating 50% of the first year premium to the Flex Annuity Plus and the other half to the Modified Whole Life.

Component #1

  • Flexible Premium Deferred Annuity “Flex Annuity Plus”
    • Min Premium – $15mo.
    • Max Annual Premium – $4,000
    • Min guaranteed interest rate – 2%
    • Current interest rate – 4%
    • Can be classified as a Roth IRA
    • Government Allotment Through payroll

Component #2

  • Modified Whole Life –
    • Min premium – $25mo.
    • Max Face Amount – $150,000
    • Two Modifications
    • 1st year life premium modifies after the first year. Premium decreases in half and remains that way for the duration of the plan.  Remaining premium funds the FPDA.
      • Ability to purchase paid-up policy after 10 years and then have all premium go towards FPDA.
      • Death Benefit face amount modifies at age 65. Face amount decreases in half on anniversary date after proposed insured turns age 65.
    • Builds cash value.